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A Church Committed to Christ and Community

From the large stained glass windows at the rear of the Sanctuary to the cut stone interior of the Undercroft fellowship area, Christ Church is filled with sacred space, yet despite the building's beauty, it becomes a church only when people meet here to encounter God and experience face to face, person to person interaction.

In Worship, Church School, Bible Study,Fellowship events,Mission Activities and even Governing Board meetings, the part of the body of Christ we call Christ Church is filled with people of all ages and life experiences.  Christ Church opens its doors to the community for a variety of gatherings and meetings as well.  You are bound to find here someone to laugh and cry with, pray and sing with, argue and agree with.  We are all sinners trying to build faithful relationships with God and one another, and we try not to let our differences divide us.  Friendships and love grow at Christ Church, and our hope is that you will share your life and family in this community of faith.

Christ Church's Annual Hayride & Picnic
Worship every Sunday 8am & 10:15
9am Sunday School for
Adults & Children

2014 Lenten Devotional here

Spiritual Exercize


November 30 - Advent 1
Worship with Communion
"Beginning Again"

December 7 - Advent 2
"Comfort and Hope"

December 14 - Advent 3
Choral Christmas Program

December 21 - Advent 4
Children's Christmas Program

December 24 - Christmas Eve
Worship at 7pm and 10:30 pm
Sacrament of Communion at each

Calendar for Counters

Church Renewal Task Force Documents updated July 8, 2014
•PDF of Church Renewal Task Force Feedback

Christ Church Renewal Committee Discussion June 2014.pdf
Christ Church Renewal Committee Discussion June 2014.doc

Meeting Summary 2014-06-23.pdf

Meeting Summary 2014-05-19.pdf

Renewal Meeting Summary July 28 2014.pdf